Safety is our primary business, with emphasis on hazard identification, avoidance, control, and accident prevention. Our trainers, working in concert with your staff, will tailor the course material in a context that is site and trade specific. In fact, we recommend that class make up is “homogenous” so the most value can be gained through sharing like experiences.

Our instructors, through years of experiential training, know that different students learn in different manners. Our typical curriculum uses an array of methodology including: computer presentations, videos, case studies, graphics and exercises. By using our proven presentation, discussion, and performance techniques, we know that our adult learners will remain engaged and find the classes interesting and enjoyable.

To ensure that our message is getting across, and that students understand the key objectives we employ “Socratic questioning” to stimulate conversation and critical thinking. In most of our classes, we generally follow up with short quizzes and/or a written final test. The final test requirement is a highly recommended “best practice” that serves as a record of attendance and provides data for cross functional (customer and provider) auditing.

We offer a variety of training courses, as listed below. However, we can provide training based on your unique requirements. All training events are taught by certified rescue team members. Training evolutions begin with didactic exercises, followed by actual field drills conducted at a confined space location.